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Signal Conditioner Series

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Cellular signal module

35mm Standard rail installation Compact case, save installation space 4-20mA,0-10V output Full and zero output can be adjusted


Cellular signal module DSP

Specifically for potentiometer type linear displacement sensor and Angle sensor design analog signal conversion module

standard signal 4-20mA,0-10V output

Full and zero output can be adjusted (regulator built-in)

Reverse polarity protection (power supply by the protection)

35mm DIN Standard rail installation

Compact shell 79X59.4X25mm,Save installation space

Water Proof Enclosure PA66

operating temperature 0-60℃

Operating voltage 10-30V DC

DSP signal module provides a very stable constant voltage to the sensor. Sensor slip brush on the signal can be converted into with the measured displacement proportional relations standard signal output (current or voltage signal). DSP module circuit is encapsulated in a plastic insulation casing (PA66), the chassis AC2500V/Min, withstand voltage can be fixed in a standard DIN EN50222 installed orbit (35 mm wide). DSP signal module with wide voltage range (8-35 v DC), can be used directly without regulated DC power supply. DSP signal module has good linearity, low temperature drift and match the potentiometer signal processing methods to ensure that the displacement sensor in use process has outstanding performance. Close connected to the potentiometer, even in the signal transmission distance, under the condition of signal also can guarantee the reliability and anti-jamming.


Wire map:

Quick selection:

DSP-V1   DC 0-10V output

DSP-A1   DC 4-20mA output