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Signal Conditioner Series

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Grating digital display table

Counting speed up to 2 meters/SEC (according to the resolution) Relay alarm (choose),250V 3A RS232/RS485 Communications (to buy) Arbitrary point reset (keys)

According to -9999999 到99999999
Input 5V TTLSquare wave,AB laves
24V(Choose) TTLSquare wave,AB laves
Accuracy ±1count@23°C±3°C
Level of protection IP 65 (Front panel)
working power supply 220 VAC,DC(Choose)
Operating Temperature -10...+55°C
Alarm(v) 2/4 points to p (can be set to the HI and LO)
Reported to the police point output(Choose) And relay (standard), light coupling (choose), solid state relay (choose)
Computer interface(choose) RS 485/ RS232
Analog output(choose) 4-20mA/ DC 0-10V,Only part of the length of the grating ruler is available, please contact technology 
Power lost memory Memory after power current displacement sensor value
Peak memory The measured peak and valley value memory function(choose)
data presetting(choose) Reset after the display value = preset values
DATEDIFF(choose) Example: linear displacement value into perspective
Special programming functions(Choose) Please contact the sales
Size W 96 x H 48 x D 110 mm
Conform to the hole size DIN 92 x 44 mm
JJX8800-1 Digital display table size figure

JJX8800-1Digital display table wiring diagram

JJX8800-1displayer metersizing specifications

JJX8800-1Operating instructions to download digital display table>>>>>

JJX8800-1 modbus communication protocol>>>>>