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Pressure Sensor

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Economical pressure sensor

Principle of wheatstone bridge Can inventory pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure. Range: 1 bar... 200 bar Level of accuracy: 0.2%, 0.3% 0.5%


PT - 201 economical pressure sensor

PT - 201 pressure sensor is based on the principle of wheatstone bridge and work, its resistance to high temperature can be used in the special industry, making it a rubber, chemical fiber and other mechanical equipment in high temperature liquid pressure measurement and control of the ideal product. Because of piezoresistive pressure sensor resistance effect, make the bridge produces a stress, the height of the excitation voltage is proportional to the linear voltage signal. Standard signal according to the different calibration of pressure range is 3.3/2.0/3.0 mV/V, can be compatible and strain sensor. Through laser calibration, temperature sensor has high stability and time stability of the sensor with temperature compensation 0 ~ 70 ℃, and can direct contact and the vast majority of media. Features: the transmitter using high temperature melt pressure sensor. Simple structure, small size, easy installation, is suitable for compatible with contact part of the material of gas and liquid medium. Can inventory pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure.

Technical parameters

Range:        -1bar ...200bar

Precision level:     0.2% ,0.3%  0.5%

Linearity:      ±0.2% or ±0.5%

Hysteresis:       ≤0.01% Full scale

Stability:      Better than 0.1% per year

Temperature:    TK<±0.2%FS/K

Working voltage:    18~36V DC

Load resistance:    ≤ 1200Ω

Working temperature:    -30—80℃

medium temperature:    -30—85℃

Storage Temperature    -30~85℃

Protection grade    IP65

Housing Material    Stainless steel, plastic

Seal:      Element fluorine rubber

The dimensions:

Electrical connections:

4-20mA Output type               0-10V Output type

Optional features are as follows:

1.Interface thread: M20*1.5,G1/2,G1/4,Internal thread.

2.Precision level:0.1%,0.2%,0.5%(standard)

3.Output signal:4-20mA,0-20mA,1-5V,0-5V,0-10V

4.Scene shows: socket type header (to buy)

4.Explosion-proof: this explosion iaIICT4(choose)

5.Sealing material, fluorine rubber,PTEE