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Our Spring Festival holiday arrangements

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The annual Lunar New Year is already in sight, in this first wish all new and old customers and the staff of the New Year happy, all the best! 2014 Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:

First, the holiday time

January 27 to February 6 holiday off-duty, a total of 11 days. January 26 (Sunday), February 8 (Saturday) to work.

II. Emergency Liaison Personnel Arrangements

Emergency Liaison Officer: Zou Renbing (Sales Manager) 18017400327 Hongbin (technical manager) 18917875537

Third, pay attention to matters

During the holidays, please be sure to pay attention to personal safety, and return on time. In case of non-human reasons can not return on time, please leave in time to the competent authorities.

Finally, I wish you all a happy, peaceful Spring Festival, Year of the Horse!

Shanghai Jiang Jingxiang Electronics Co., Ltd

January 16, 2014